Our Story

Dreamy. Joyful. Free

What started out as a weekly respite to manage uncertainty and anxiety during the 2020 lockdown period, turned into an opportunity to fuse her two lifelong loves: art and journaling. With that, came a platform where one may appreciate and purchase art through beautifully crafted journal and diary covers, that are thoughtfully designed and tastefully created by hidden Asian talents.

Mayli, the founder, loves to paint. Painting whisks her away into the faraway lands of her imagination  from meandering the sun-washed alleys in Kyoto, to animal gazing at a nature reserve, and even tracing the wind’s path amidst the hills of wildflowers. If Mayli is not painting, she can be found seeking solace in the quiet of her study, penning her thoughts to paper. It is this very idea of combining the benefits of journaling, with the beauty and joy that creative expressions such as painting bring, that led to the birth of GML Gallery.

As artists and diarists, we understand the significance and comfort that art and writing provides, especially in this digital age where information moves swiftly and furiously. Every like and comment is broadcasted publicly and granted an eternal lifespan, including words and visuals we'd shared that we have second thoughts about. As such, GML Gallery hopes that their exquisite products, covered in vivid colours, dreamscapes and textures, will provide the journal user with a safe space where one can express his/her thoughts and ideas freely, making it the perfect, private companion to have around.

Our dreamy, thread-bound notebooks come in a handy A5 size and make for a timeless gift – for ourselves, our friends and family. We use silky smooth, acid-free paper to provide you with an unparalleled writing experience.

The debut collection on GML is painted by Mayli. Eventually, she hopes to expand the range to include affordable, print-on-demand wall art and other lifestyle products, produced in collaboration with aspiring artists or creators.

GML Gallery wishes to inspire mindful and joyful living through art and journaling. It is our mission to build a thriving community of budding artists, creators, and art enthusiasts so that collectively, we can spread the joy of journaling and appreciation of original art in various formats, at accessible prices.

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