Beautiful Numbers, Part Two

Posted by MayLi Geoy on

 10 months and 100s of prototypes later, my first copy of my Dreamscape series, Kyoto, was born. Holding her in my hands, I could feel my painting come alive with the vivid colours and layers captured perfectly on the textured surface of the vinyl art paper. Touching the cover brought out a sense of happiness, and writing on the carefully-picked silky paper within was a joy. It was the perfect space to store inner thought and reflection. My heart was filled with love and gratitude, I was so proud.

Being able to find the perfect medium to transfer my original art piece from canvas to cover has been a dream come true for me. Our collections are a labour of love, where art truly meets journaling, and they give a rare sense of beauty for users. Our journals set the right mood for introspection, and I want them to be a safe, comfortable harbour for thought and reflection.

When our customers shared with us that they could feel the love that went into the making of

our journals and diaries, it made perfect sense to use that narrative as the source of one of our new collections. Hence, our second collection, Insignia, is an appropriate reflection and symbol of love, in all its aspects. The collection pairs up motifs, flowers and birds with familiar icons of different time periods in history and pop culture, with each cover telling a unique story of love and life. It’s exciting and my favourite at the moment.

I hope, we hope, that we will continue to inspire journal and art lovers out there, enriching your life in however significant a way.




















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