Beautiful Numbers, part Three

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11 months into Gml Gallery, I look back and realise what a crazy, turbulent, solo trip filled with endlessly steep learning curves and humbling rejections this has been. I am the painter, researcher,  producer, coordinator, shipping coordinator, book-keeper, website designer, content creator, marketer, salesman, business development lead, driver, packer, delivery man and customer service officer, all rolled into one. 

I never knew that I could use myself this way. Years in the corporate world exposes us to specific roles and specific career tracks, with an imbued sense of built-up snobbery and pampering that came with our achievements and seniority. This solo entrepreneurial journey has been a huge discovery for me. I have been stunned by my ability to function like this in necessary time, struggling through doing all of the above, with one pair of hands, a busy mind and a racing heart. 

I recalled somebody wise reminded me “anything worth doing is never easy”. I held on to that notion to keep matching on, be bold and go out there to share my story! I am grateful for the love of my friends, family and trade partners for their unwavering support in my pursuit of merging art and journal writing.

The recent developments have been extremely encouraging with corporate premiums, gratitude workshops, book launches and collaboration plans with established retailers. We also going live in many pockets of downtown Singapore, marking our official debut at physical spaces this Christmas! We are going to be at Raffles Hotel, Takashimaya, Design Orchard and of course, our lovely existing partner Merci Marcel!

What a lovely milestone when we officially turns ONE on the 9 December! Part of our first anniversary is the launching of our second collection, both Signature Series and Grained series.

We are adding a total of 16 designs to our existing 14, bringing our gallery to showcase a total of 30 designs of original artwork for journals, each cover telling a story/message, perfectly timed for the gifting season again.

I can’t wait to see more faces brightened up with each unboxing of our journals this Christmas!


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